Lester and Charlotte McWilliams were about to meet with an insurance agent who was referred to them by Lester’s golfing buddy. His buddy, Jerome, told Lester that this agent was a very good man. One whom he could trust. Lester and Charlotte had been through their share of "insurance men" who assured them that the company they worked for offered the very best of coverage for the best price. It seemed that each time they had an insurance "review", they needed more insurance. Why would this man be any different?

Lester had ample coverage at his accounting firm and they owned significant amounts of whole life insurance they bought when Lester started the firm. The bank needed the insurance as collateral for the loan they gave to him to start the practice. But the loan was now paid off. They had lots of investments in the stock market and some real estate besides. More insurance was out of the question. Charlotte wondered if they had the right kind and if they were they paying too much. She wasn’t too sure that this "review" would answer that question.